• 07 days acommodation – (06 days of fhishing);

  • Quadruple suite acommodation (04 people) or double suite (02 people), ar-conditioned included in all of them;

  • All food included,  with snacks;

  • Drinks (Club soda and mineral, normal soda and zero; beer) with no limit;

  • air-conditioned dinning room with TV;

  • Sollarium with tables for your happy hour;

  • Fishing at the rivers: Caurés, Demeni, Aracá, Cuiuni, Ariraha, Itu, Padauari, Atauí e Bacias do Rio Negro. Travel from Barcelos.

Not included

  • Any acommodation beyod the package duration.

  • Airfare to Manaus/Barcelos

  • boarding taxes in airport.

  • Any other shuttle, beyond the mentioned in cities of Savana Boat boarding and landing;

  • Fishing Tools (Tralhas)

  • MPA Fishing License (Ministério da Pesca e Aqüicultura);

  • Aperitifs and cocktails.

  • Travel Insurance, including aerial rescue.

Acommodation and Included Services

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