Your new Sport Fishing option in  Amazon

The Savana Boat, with 670 Inches in lenght, 185 inches of bow and a hull made it to navigate in shallow waters, can provide for the fisherman a better results with Tucunaré Fishing.

Our boat was constructed to accommodate 10 clients with safety and confortably with air-conditioned suite, a restaurant with quality services e practicality. This boat have external rest area at the upper floor, so you can relax and enjoy Amazon beauties.

We have 20 feet aluminum boats for each duo of fisherman, swivel chair, 2 throw platforms, 25HP engine, fuel, eletric engine of 44lbs, safety equipment, stocked cooler, and a fisherman guide with experience at the fish areas. You can also count to diary maid service and laundry.

Savana Boat

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